Own brands

Own brands

Own brands

Martens Brewery has a sizeable portfolio of own brands: each of these products has a unique taste and a rich history. These brands are sold around the world.

  • Martens Pils

    Martens Pils

    Martens Pils is a classy pilsner beer that is appreciated internationally.

    Beer type: low-fermentation pilsner style beer
    Appearance: a light golden coloured pils with a firm, white head of tiny bubbles
    Aroma: slightly fruity with a typical, crisp pilsner fragrance
    Flavour: very harmonious, mild mouth feel and a balanced, inviting and refined bitterness thanks to the hops. It is a refreshing and thirst-quenching beer

    Alc. 5.0% vol.

  • Sezoens


    Sezoens has a mild flavour and a typically hoppy note. It owes its flavour to the special dry-hopping process. Fresh aromatic hops are added during the maturation (post fermentation).

    Beer type: blond, high fermentation beer with dry-hopping
    Appearance: blond beer with a golden colour and a firm, creamy head
    Aroma: a pronounced hoppy nose thanks to the selection of aromatic hops and the dry-hopping process
    Flavour: refreshingly mild, malty mouth feel; very aromatic, hoppy aftertaste

    Alc. 6.0% vol.

  • Kristoffel white beer

    Kristoffel white beer

    Kristoffel white beer is brewed with barley, wheat, oats, noble hops and spices.

    Beer type: special, high fermentation beer
    Appearance: a light, white-yellowish colour, unfiltered, permanently cloudy
    Aroma: typical citrus aroma
    Flavour: mild sweet and sour flavour with a full aroma and a balanced, gentle bitterness

    Alc. 5.0% vol.

  • Kristoffel blond

    Kristoffel blond

    The blond Kristoffel beer is made of barley, cornmeal, sugar and a special selection of aromatic hops.

    Beer type: special, high fermentation beer
    Appearance: blond beer
    Aroma: full and spicy aroma
    Flavour: the blond Kristoffel has a full-bodied flavour, a crisp aroma and a balanced bitterness

    Alc. 6.0% vol.

  • Kristoffel dark

    Kristoffel dark

    The dark Kristoffel beer is brewed with a unique selection of special malts and aromatic hops.

    Beer type: special, high fermentation beer
    Appearance: dark beer
    Aroma: slightly caramelised, malty, coffee-like, pleasant and full aroma
    Flavour: the beer has a malty and mild caramelised flavour. The aftertaste is reminiscent of coffee

    Alc. 6.0% vol.